Music and such

As i'm not the greatest composer(if at all) i've searched the net for the perfect fit of music for the game.

This means i've spent countless of somewhat meaningless hours listening to license free music in the hope of an miracle.

At last i found some pretty decent tracks and added them to the game to try out their feel, and i can say that i'm very hopeful about what i've found. 

While i was listening to all the music and visualizing it in the game i noticed that the music itself to the game can change much about the games style so to say.

For example i found a very upbeat anime song and directly thought of a more colorful theme for the game, like stars and colors flashing everywhere.

The image of the game i saw in my head got me a little excited to how the music can have such a big impact of the visuals, and how it can, if done right, compliment other designer aspects of your game.

Also i've started thinking about implementing a peer to peer network to the game, but as i imagined its a very steep learning curve even if you use an already existing library.

I figured i will use Lidgrens library for XNA so if anyone got some useful tips i'm all ears.


VelvetGuard (Demo) 12 MB
Mar 04, 2018

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